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Can you really get a FREE IPHONE 4  ? If you have been online for any bit of time you must have come across ads or banners offering you something like a  ”free iPhone 4″ or “free iPhone 4G” or a “free apple iphone 4″. While the  iPhone 4 is really cool and it’s even more cool to get a free iPhone 4 (yup, it’s got cool features like FaceTime, 1 GHZ processor, Camera and other amazing stuff..) giving your email address and getting nothing in return is NOT COOL at all! It’s called a scam! If you give your email address you want something in return.. ( NOT SPAM… ) So getting a free iPhone 4 is cool – that’s only IF you get it..

So, after surfing the net for a little while I  came across a  site that actually gives youa free iPhone 4 –  if you follow through some simple steps.  If your eager (like me) to just grab your iPhone now and stop with this review go right  ahead and just grab it now 

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But if you wanna know what your getting into here’s the secret to get your free iPhone 4.. get your free iphone 4 [it's not a copy iphone it's the real deal - from Apple] all you have to do is  fill out your email address then  pick some offers from the list of offers and – once completed and verified you can have them ship a genuine APPLE IPHONE for FREE straight to your door! 

It’s really  that simple now.

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It’s actually pretty simple to get your free apple iPhone 4. I almost didn’t believe it myself (at first..) 

What do you need to do? 

How to Get Your Free IPhone 4 – Step by Step..

To get your free iphone 4 – first just fill in your email address. Then on second page follow some simple steps they require and BOOM! your done. They will NOT leave you hanging in the air – it’s really simple stuff..

You should really check this out for yourself and give it a quick shot go here now to grab your free iPhone 4

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